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Bongo Drums

The best thing about bongo is that it is small, and not very expensive. And if you know how to play it and if you have some friends who can play bongo, then you can form a band. If all of you play together some small groove then it will sound amazing.

The bongos are one of the first drums to learn rhythms and sound patterns on, because of its size, its convenient portability, its low price compared to larger drums, and having two drum tones to immediately play with.
The bongos are very easy to carry around, to play and to tune. They are just great!

We bring you the best bongos. Please pick them below or above and enjoy in bonging… ;)

Bongos for kids

Bongos are very appropriate instruments for kids. Bongo is not heavy and is not hard to learn how to play and it is very rhythmic.
They can be used in almost every kind of music and they are easy to carry.

More about bongos for kids and better selection you can find at this site on page dedicated to bongos for kids.

Bongos Buy

How to play bongos is what every person ask himself when he or she is starting to love bongos music.
Sam Ash is an on-line store of excellent quality instruments including bongos. There you will also find out about other important things and also how to play bongos.

How To Find Best bongos For Sale

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But the best thing is to look into this site and you’ll find the best bongo for you, guaranteed.

Congas For Sale

Manny people who start with bongos they eventually go after congas, so on this site we’ll answer the question where we can find best congas for sale too.
Conga is almost like bongo. But it measures quite high in comparison to other drums. It is slim build and single headed. It is a Cuban drum but probably it is derived from Africa.

The shells of most of the congas are made of wood or fiberglass. The playing system of conga is almost like bongo. They are normally 75cm tall.

Congas are used in both popular and folk music. African music has a varied use of congas. This instrument is also very popular in Rumba, Afro Caribbean, Latin and salsa music.